Slab Leak Repair in Torrance and Huntington Beach

A slab leak is a plumbing leak in the foundation of your property. Although that can sound daunting, we’re here to help with reliable slab leak repair in Orange County and Los Angeles.

What Is a Slab?

A slab is a horizontal, flat concrete layer that forms the foundation of a building. It is created by pouring concrete directly onto the ground, a method known as slab construction. This approach eliminates the need for a basement or crawlspace and has gained popularity in modern construction.

Slab leaks can sometimes happen because of the corrosion of water pipes that are embedded in the concrete slab. Shifting soil conditions can also put stress on them, which causes leaking pipes.

The expert team at Drain City Plumbing can help you find and repair your leak with precision and expertise 24/7. We have the skills and experience to complete a wide range of repair services and upgrades, as well as the technology needed to locate and stop a slab leak.

What Is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak describes a plumbing leak in the foundation of your property. A concrete slab typically has plumbing lines for fresh water and sewage waste running through it. Leaks can develop in these pipes as well as other pipes throughout your home. These leaks may be more difficult to identify and repair, but they should never be ignored.

Here are the potential causes of a slab leak:

  • Corrosion: Slab leaks can be caused by the corrosion of water pipes in the concrete. The pipes will gradually deteriorate due to chemical reactions with the soil.
  • Soil movement: In places with a lot of dry soil, this can put pressure on the pipes, which can ultimately cause a leak.
  • Improper construction: It’s always possible that there was poor slab construction in the first place, or bad materials were used, which can ultimately cause leaks.

How Can I Detect a Slab Leak?

A leak in the foundation of your property sounds terrible, but it’s not as bad as you might think—as long as you have a plumber on hand to identify the issue and provide pipe and drain repair. If you notice any of the following signs, call us for slab leak repair in Orange County and Los Angeles:

  • Unexplained water on the floor, which could be due to leaking pipes
  • Sudden increases in the water bill that seem to come out of nowhere
  • The sound of running water when the source is unidentifiable
  • Cracks appearing in the floors
  • Reduced water pressure that remains unresolved
  • Warm spots on the floor, possibly indicating a leaking hot water line and the need for pipe repair

How Can Drain City Plumbing Fix a Slab Leak?

Our family-owned business has been repairing slab leaks successfully for many years. Using our specialized equipment, we’ll locate the leak and identify what’s needed to fix the issue.

We’re reliable, fast, experienced, and available 24/7. We’ve worked hard to build our reputation, knowing that no two problems are the same and adapting to every complex plumbing issue we might come across.

If you need slab leak repair in Orange County or Los Angeles—and a plumber you can really trust—contact our experts today.